The information is disclosed in accordance with Directive of the Bank of Russia No. 3921-U dated December 28, 2015.
Name of the organization: Renaissance Investment Management
Information about the founders: Renaissance Investment Management Limited (100%)
INN: 7710667112
Address: 10 Presnenskaya nab. Moscow, 123112, Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 (495) 258-88-96
Fax: +7 (495) 258-88-97
Information on SRO membership: Renaissance Investment Management, LLC is a member of Russian National Association of Securities Market Participants since September 04, 2015.
Information on branches (representative offices): Renaissance Investment Management, LLC has no branches and representative offices.
Information on existing lawsuits: There are no lawsuits in connection with the activity in the securities market.
Information on malfunction: No malfunction of computerized systems of Renaissance Investment Management, LLC resulting in impossibility of performance of operations by all customers within one hour was registered.
List of credit institutions maintaining banking accounts of the organization: Joint-Stock Company Raiffeisenbank, Moscow
General Director: Tokmakova Anna (acting under Articles of Association)